Ontario Surplus, Inc.


The military builds everything imaginable into portable buildings.  They come in all shapes and sizes, some fixed and some expandable.  We have seen everything from telephone switchboards to photo processing labs built into shelters.

In the commercial and amateur radio world these find application as secure dry storage, repeater shelters, ham shacks, campers, and ice fishing shanties.  They have unlimited application anywhere a portable, sturdy, secure building is needed.  We no longer have any stock of shelters. There are a modest number of S-250 shelters in Maryland available from Tim Clark glengar@verizon.net.



Designed for mounting on the military 5/4 ton trucks, these units resemble a standard pickup truck camper.


S280 Shelter

Designed for mounting on a military 2 1/2 or 5 ton truck.  These are large enough for a typical person to stand up in.  Out of stock.