Ontario Surplus, Inc.


Here is everything else.  Cargo slings and nets, canvas tarps, generators, etc.  Many one of a kind items.

Cargo Slings and Nets

Cargo Net

Originally part of an aerial cargo delivery system, these web nets are designed to wrap around the cargo on a 42x48" pallet.  Straps and buckles to close each corner and four rings at the top for lifting.  Unlimited uses.  Lightly used, $25 each.

Canvas Tarps

Woodpile Tarp

Heavy treated canvas tarps. Only one size left.

Woodpile tarp approximately 4x16'.  Very heavy material with some attached straps.  Removed from used cargo delivery wraps.  $12 each.

Airfield Lighting Set

Woodpile Tarp

Kit of material designed to setup a portable airfield. Includes lights, connecting cables, masts and other related material.

Some pictures are available here and the complete packing list is available here.  Additional pictures are available upon request.  Total weight is about 1000 pounds per kit.  $750 each, two available.

A heliport landing kit is also available for $350 including all interconnecting cables.

Photographic Processing Chemicals

Woodpile Tarp

Fuji ChemPact Developer and Fixer

Large quantity available.  Material is dry and in vacuum packed pouches.  No expiration date.  Pricing is dependant on purchase quantity.  Possibly a good source of Hydroquinone and Ammonium Thiosulfate. 

ChemPact Imagesetter Catalog # 812404

Contents 3 x 7.4 lbs. Makes 3 x 20 liters Approximately 256 boxes available (blue).  MSDS here.

ChemPact RA Scanner No. 2 Developer Replenisher Catalog # 812942

Contents 3 x 4.958 lbs. Makes 3 x 20 liters Approximately 130 boxes available (red).  MSDS here.