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Stacking Poles

Stacking Poles


These pole sections were originally designed to support camouflage netting.  The poles are 48 inches long with a 3.25 inch overlapping section.  Poles are available in fiberglass and aluminum which are interchangeable for applications that require a combination of insulating and conducting support.  Custom stainless steel guy rings are available to facilitate the attachment of guy ropes at any joint between sections.  For most antenna support applications the mast is assembled flat on the ground and then pulled up into position.

Aluminum mast sections are approximately 1.570" ID, 1.565" OD on the joint section and 1.785" OD.  The fiberglass sections have similar dimensions at the joint, but the OD varies somewhat depending on the manufacturer.

Mast sections and guy rings are available individually or in pre-configured kits as shown in the table below.  There is a top net support available if you are putting up camouflage netting.  This paddle support is not useful as a mast base.

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