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Other Masts

Communication Vans

1986 and 1987 Ford Econoline 350 vans built for the FAA by Wolf Coach. These are equipped with 50 foot mechanically telescoping masts.  The units were developed for precision RF survey work and include a variety of antenna mounts and RF connections.  The interior has a work area with racks for electronic equipment.  The chassis is setup for electrically driven leveling jacks (see 2" hitch receiver connections on all sides).  While the controls are in place, the jacks are not included.

The masts are square and appear to be a custom design for this application.  They are extended using a cable drive system on the roof of the van.  The top is equipped with a crossbar that has a rotor on one side (AC powered control unit inside van).  There is a coil that extends with the mast that carries the rotor controls, two RF cables and wiring for the clearance light on top.

Units are wired for AC power provided either externally or by an onboard Onan 6.5KVA gasoline generator.  We only have one unit with the generator still installed.  Interior climate controls are provided by a roof top air conditioner and a heater mounted in the rear when the vehicle engine is not running.  A drawing package that includes information on most of the installed equipment is included.  Unfortunately, detailed wiring diagrams are not available.

The vans have an extended chassis, 7.5L gasoline engine with automatic transmission, and dual gas tanks.  The onboard electronics that are DC powered have a separate battery from the vehicle to prevent discharge of the main vehicle battery during extended field operations.  There is a trickle charger for the accessory battery powered by the AC system.  The trucks are about 20 feet long and 11 feet high to the top of the mast.  Vehicles have less than 35K miles and are in good condition for their age, but have some minor rust and could use some TLC.  Each truck has a spare tire attached to the rear door.

Price is $3750 for the unit with the generator, and $2950 for the one without.  Units are not currently titled, but the appropriate paperwork will be provided to obtain a title.  As the emission control systems have been bypassed, passing inspection in New York State may also be an issue.

Telescoping Mechanical Masts

The heavy duty mast shown below was originally designed to support three large spotlights at 20 feet.  The main unit weighs about 110 lbs and is 6 feet long collapsed.  The unit is supported by four legs that fold out of the unit.  U-stakes are provided to anchor the unit to the ground.  Three sections are extended one at a time with a ratcheting rack and pinion drive.  The legs are easily removed for mounting directly to a fixed structure such as a trailer.  $375 each.  Due to several bad experiences with UPS, we will only ship these by truck.  Our inventory has been depleted, but these are available from Tim Clark glengar@verizon.net.

Lighting Tower

Lighting Tower