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The AB-155 is a 40 foot mast primarily used for supporting wire antennas. The mast is sometimes referred to as the AB-155/GRA-4. The mast consists of eight MS-44 5 foot long sections that are guyed at three levels with adjustable rope guys.  The mast is erected flat on the ground and pulled up into place using the guy ropes and a pivoting base.  The complete erection procedure is described in the manual for the GRC-122 RTTY Shelter.  The complete kit weighs about 60 pounds and is approximately 67"L x 7"W x 6"H.

These are widely available in surplus in varying conditions.  Bent poles and missing guy ropes are common.  The complete contents of the kit including spares is shown in the packing list.

We do not currently have any stock of these masts or parts for them.



AB-155 Kit